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Amterra, founded in 2005 and based in Fort Collins, Colorado, is uniquely qualified to generate documentation for complex products and processes. The two principals in the company have over 50 years combined experience in the computer and instrumentaton industry, with experience ranging from IC design to firmware development to instrument manufacturing to computer integration & testing.

Often, technical writers are adept at wordsmithing documents, being able to take a document from the product development team, and re-word/re-format it in a manner suitable for customer consumption. While an important service, it often fails to substantially improve how well your product or process is communicated to your customers.

Furthermore, in many cases, the products/processes are sufficiently complex that the writer isn't able to fully understand the topics that he or she is documenting. This reduces the writer's ability to clearly, accurately and completely describe the product or process. In addition, if the documentation generated by the product team is, to any degree, inaccurate, incomplete, or unclear itself, these "attributes" will usually be carried forward into the customer documentation.

Amterra takes a completely hands-on approach to documentation, becoming very knowledgeable about how your product or process works. This knowledge enables us to meet our primary objective -- develop clear, accurate and complete documentation. This knowledge also minimizes the support required by Amterra from your product/process development team, both to generate the documentation and to review the documentation.

Combining our knowledge of your product or process with our best-in-class writing skills and innovative documentation methodologies results in documentation that will more than meet your customers' needs, while reducing your expensive customer support load.

To discuss your company's documentation needs and how Amterra can help you meet those needs, please e-mail us at

Amterra skills:

Developing documentation
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Innovation in documentation: Amterra expends considerable effort to develop new & innovative documentation methodologies to enable better documenting of complex products and processes. We would welcome discussing with you how our leading-edge methodologies can be applied to better meet your documentation needs.


IEEE -- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
STC -- Society for Technical Communications

Education: The two Amterra principals have the following degrees:

Principal #1: BS Mathematics and BS Electrical Engineering
Principal #2: BS and MS Electrical Engineering

Writing samples available on request